College Student-Teacher Relationship

We’ve all become aware of the story of Mary Kay Letorneau, a previous middle-school instructor now a registered sex-offender that had a romantic and sexual relationship with among her students. Since then, a number of other instructors have actually been charged due to relations they had with their trainees. It’s considered taboo for instructors to have any romantic relations with their students, specifically when it comes to Mary Kay and others since the kids involved were simply that: children– minors. Is it still taboo if the parties included are both consenting adults such as in the case of a college student-teacher relationship?

The greatest distinction in between a college student-teacher relationship and the Mary Kay Letorneau story is that two grownups are included. At this point, not only are trainees consenting but likewise not unlawful for their older teachers to have a relationship with.

No matter the age of the student involved, these types of relationships are still thought about taboo in society. Possibly it is still socially undesirable due to the fact that of the reality that the term “trainee” can always be associated with the relationship.

A college student-teacher relationship can not truly be avoided. At the ages of late teens to early their adult years, college students tend to be impressionable when faced with the idea of relationships, moreover, a sexual relationship.

Society requires to accept that in a college student-teacher relationship it is not only the instructor that is included but the trainee. Anyone included in a college student-teacher relationship need not be stoned for having the relationship but rather, dealt with as a fragile subject to be examined and carefully considered.